My Last Ride


Now if this will be my last ride

Lordy Lawd my Lord for thee

Oh, take my weakness and my fear

Oh take it just away from me


There‘s an empty chair in heaven

there‘s an empty chair in hell

Oh, both they had my name on it

And both might suit me well


Wonder what that means to me

I hear voices in my head

You‘ll get no conclusion boy

Not the second before you‘re dead


Wonder where I‘m heading to

There is some knocking on the door

Jesus walks in with some beer

But I don‘t want that anymore


Down the meadows & the motels

Captured on my own

Went down to the poolroom

It‘s my mother on the phone

Went down to the prison

They've got satelite TV

This has been my last ride

Dear old Lord, my Lord for thee!



Ah, riding in a casket

New boots on my feet

Oh, angels waiting languidely

for me beneath my seat


Wonder where I‘m going to

What duty has been mine

Did I divide the water, Jesus

did I spill the wine?


I might get may lazy boy

Might get my mercy seat

they both had my name on it

Did me no good to cheat


Wonder what that means to me

And what I should confess

Jesus is on facebook now

And there‘s no heaven in my GPS


Down the meadows ...

 (c) d.h.ottn 2016

Available on:

CD / 12" vinyl 2018
CD / 12" vinyl 2018