RAIN from the album "Eating Meatballs on a Blood-Stained Mattress in a Huggy Bear Motel", Sacred Flu Production/fuego 2015

w/ Dad Horse Ottn, Gregg Weiss & Gabi Swiatkowska

Photography by M.A. Littler/Slowboat Films

 "If one third of music was half this good what a world we'd have!"

David Fair (Half Japanese)

"This man has a message, and music is the medium with which he effectively conveys that message. What's more, it is a message born of darkness and sin, and so it is intended to be delivered in the dark places and to the sinners. A little direction for the lost. Some hope for the seemingly hopeless. A touch of salve for the wounded. A dot of light at the end of a long tunnel."

James G. Carlson, Examiner.com