"This man has a message, and music is the medium with which he effectively conveys that message. What's more, it is a message born of darkness and sin, and so it is intended to be delivered in the dark places and to the sinners. A little direction for the lost. Some hope for the seemingly hopeless. A touch of salve for the wounded. A dot of light at the end of a long tunnel."

James G. Carlson, Examiner.com

 "If one third of music was half this good what a world we'd have!"

David Fair (Half Japanese)

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Nacht wie ein Messer / Cuxhaven
10" vinyl record, case sleeve inside-out-print, white inlay sleeve A: Nacht wie ein Messer (6:58) B: Cuxhaven (5:55) Dad Horse Ottn (vocals, banjo, mandoline) performing with Ayumi Valentina Tovazzi (violin), Matze Schinkopf ... (Read More)
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At the Limbo - compact disc album
 TRACKLIST: 1 - Down the Mississippi - At the Limbo (3:31) 2 - Love is a Meatgrinder - At the Limbo (3:08) 3 - The Party - At the Limbo (4:26) 4 - Find My Body Down - At the Limbo (4:24) 5 - Schwarz Grün Weiß - ... (Read More)
15,00 €
Die Möwe Jonathan mit leerem Löffel (Buch)
Lyrik von D.H. Ottn & Fotodelere von Steffen Osvath, 39 Gedichte, 44 Abbildungen auf 148 Seiten, 21 cm x 21 cm, Softcover m. Fadenheftung, 580 Gramm. Sacred Flu P&P, ISBN 978-3-86287.958-8   Also available with a 12 page inlay ... (Read More)
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At the Limbo - BURGUNDY
STANLEY/STELLA Creator shirt, unisex, organic cotton, fair wear, vegan
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Too Close To Heaven reissue on vinyl

“Too Close To Heaven”, presented for the first time on vinyl, with a limited press of 500 made. There are 250 available on what we are calling Excremental Gold, and 250 on Heavenly Blue.

Records will be $25 each plus exact shipping.

All records will come with a Dad Horse sticker and a “Turn the shit into gold” koozie.

Available only via Chain Smoking Records