7 inch vinyl, off label records 2009, 2nd edition

A1: Gates of Heaven (vinyl version)

A2: The Moonshiner

B: I'm not here anymore

Recorded and mixed at Neidmeer Studios by Timo Warkus, mastered by C.Matysiak at EckeLoyd / (P) off label records, GERMANY 2009 / Artwork & Grafik: Vicious Vroni

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"Gates of Heaven" is no stranger to my ears but here the anguished electric guitar intertwines with those fractured vocals to further add to its oddball charm. Sure, it's all very minimalistic but in a way that Johnny Cash would have approved of. / "The Moonshiner" dances likes some gypsy polka making it more Balkans than Tennessee. It's an ode to drinking and clouds over the horizon and being the perennial loser in love (but there's always the drink in the end). / That takes us nicely into "I'm Not Here Anymore" which, powered by some rollicking fuzz guitar, bounces about the room like some acid powered throwback to Buck Owens. / These three songs are just about as far as you can get from corporate sensibilities and, let's be honest, they are none the worse for all that." (Bluesbunny)

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