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After diving into the dark abyss of madness & desperation with his 2015/16 album "Eating Meatballs on a Blood-Stained Mattress in a Huggy Bear Motel" Dad Horse slips back into the light and good temper with this follow-up album "I am a Stranger Here Below." But again this light is not simlpy the clear & straight light of faith and easy-minded living, it's a kind of broken & twisted light. Every ray of brightness is shadowed with a darkness, black as a the walls of a group therapy room in hell.

The work on these songs started at the same time as the recording of "Huggy Bear Motel" & has been continued in summer 2016 with Gregg Weiss from Tildon Krautz & others. Release date will be January 15th, 2018.


You can already secure yourself a copy of the exclusive preorder edition (coloured vinyl plus CD plus an exquisite goodie.) This limitd & signed edition will be only available per pre-order and it will be shipped weeks before official distribution.


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 1. That's the Day

 2. I Know Your Name

 3. My Last Ride

 4. You'll Lose a Good Thing (B. Lynn)

 5. World-Self-Pity-Day-Blues

 6. My Rough & Rowdy Ways (J. Rodgers)

 7. Down the Mississippi

 8. Ich steig in die Bahn

 9. Wicked Path of Sin (B. Monroe)

10. I am a Stranger Here Below

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