Eating Meatballs on a Blood-Stained Mattress in a Huggy Bear Motel

New album full of haunted songs and bland laughter. Or tears.

Get it either as

- as CD edition with 24 page booklet

- or as heavy 180 g vinyl (standard black or limited white or mint green)with a fancy gatefold cover

- or in a luxory edition ("bloody amber" coloured & limited vinyl plus CD plus exquisite goodies!)

- Also available: rare testpressings.



1. Will I Be Someone (5:30)

2. Reach Out Your Hand Revisited (7:10)

3. Love is a Meatgrinder  (3:10)

4. Under Swine & Bears  (4:40)

5. Little White Fish  (3:00) 

6. Huggy Bear Motel  (4:20)

7. Rain (17:00)

CD comes w/ bonus tracks:

8. Lost on the River (H. Williams Sr.) (2:25)

9. Huggy Bear Motel (early version) (4:11)


10. Reach Out Your Hand Revisited (video edit) (4:12)

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All Songs written & composed by Dad Horse Ottn except (8) 

Dad Horse Ottn: vocals, mandoline, banjo, e-banjo, tenor guitar, bass pedal, english horn, shruti box / Gregg Weiss: guitar (5), ukulele (7), fiddle (1), upright bass (1/7), e-bass (2/10), drums (2/6/7/10), flutes (1), backing vocals (1) / Neil Mccarthy: slide guitar (5/6) / Marco Hartz: mandoline (2/10) / Gabi Swiatkowska: vocals (7) 

(1/2/4/5/6/7/10) recorded June 2015 Tournesol Studio, France by Gregg Weiss  / produced by Dad Horse Ottn & Gregg Weiss / (3) recorded 2015 by Dad Horse Ottn "on the fly" / (8/9) recorded & produced by Dad Horse Ottn & Michael Hüskes / Mastering: Rolf Kirschbaum  / Artwork/design: / Photos: Dad Horse Ottn 


CD booklet:

About the songs:

Will I Be Someone: Dad's "testimony" about the tatoos we put on ourselves not from the outside, but from the inside - where we can't see them but only feel the pain. "Questionmark in the dark, that's what we are."

Reach Out Your Hand Revisited: this is a complete new rendition of Dad Horse' song "Reach Out Your Hand" from his 2008 debut album Too Close to Heaven. Big change in approach and mood to the original. Slowboat Films has done a ghastly  video to this song.

Love is a Meatgrinder: Yes, that's the so called "Detroit version" of Dad's first love song ever published, unfortunately a very sad one... "My heart is a meatpie, it's bleeding for you". Recorded during his 6 hour stay in the US 2015 on his cell phone.

Under Swine & Bears: A never before heard Dad Horse sound on this track with strong voice & no lyrics. Reference to the Cloud of Unknowing, written by an Anonymous in the 14th century.

Little White Fish: Probably one of the most recognizable "Dad Horse songs" on this record with a ridiculous stupid and deep text like H.P. Lovecraft attending an AA meeting in the Sesame Street.

Huggy Bear Motel: A twisted traveller's song with eerie slide guitar noises evoking a surreal atmosphere of loneliness and violence. "In my pocket I have two dead eyes from the honky tonk I've been last night, and the guy stared at my baby just a little bit to long knows he did wrong."

Rain: Uh, what can we say about this piece? 17 minutes of madness & redemption! This song is a journey for itself, from an European mind rambling the US heading for heaven - being detached and attracted from any change and & growth at the same time. "Dam/n that focking rain." 

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